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Virtual Tryouts 2020-21 Synchro Season

Due to the current ‘safer-at-home’ policies, we are announcing that we will be doing a VIRTUAL TRYOUT to begin our 20-21 season! 

While we can’t be on the ice, there is still a lot we can do to begin the season and set ourselves up for success. 



Because of the Corona-Virus Pandemic, Swansyncsation will have Virtual Tryouts for the 2020-21 season. Skaters will submit materials determined by the coaches to be evaluated for team placement.  For a checklist and submission instructions please email us for the  Virtual Tryouts Requirements.  Coaches will determine team placement based on skill, age, USFS testing, and team levels available for the current season.  


Swansyncsation will distribute team commitment offers via email one to two weeks AFTER the virtual tryout deadline - April 30, 2020.  Commitment offers will include fee ranges, practice schedule, and competition dates, should they be available.  Skaters should expect to respond within 24-48 hours of receiving their commitment offer. Details of how to accept/decline your spot on a team will be in your offer email. 



Swansyncsation plans to roster 1-2 teams for the upcoming season.   One of Swansyncsation’s goals is to roster a preliminary level team for the upcoming season. We will have a synchro babes class in session 1 and 2 of summer and possible synchro skills as well. 

***Swans who are ready for the Inspire level teams will be offered a spot on an Inspire team in their commitment letter. 



Synchro Skills and Preliminary   2-4 hours (on ice, off ice)  Mondays and/or Wednesdays.

Synchro babes: Snow plow Sam  45 mins- 1 hour per week,  Mondays

(times will be included in practice schedule sent with commitment letters) 


This is meant to give you a financial range from our lowest to highest team dues. We own our own building and can offer significantly lower fees.  All off-ice is on site in our ballet room. 

Synchro babes class: 45.00 for summer session (tentatively May 31-August 29)

Synchro Skills teams: $500.00 to $700.00 

Preliminary: $1375.00 - $1550.00.



Monitoring - (Preliminary only with Inspire teams) October. Dates and Location TBD by US Figure Skating

Wisconsin Inspire Co-op Kick Off Exhibition, early November, Madison Ice Arena

Wisconsin Synchro Invitational, November 14, 2020 at Mullett Ice Arena, Hartland, WI 


Doctor Richard Porter Synchronized Classic Dec 4-6, Ann Arbor, MI OR
Kalamazoo Kick-Off Classic, Kalamazoo MI
Swan City Ice Skaters Christmas Exhibition (tentatively Dec 13), Beaver Dam Family Center  

Maplewood Synchro Classic TBD Minneapolis, MN

Fond du Lac, January 8-10, 2021 Fond du Lac, WI 

Midwestern Sectional Championships (Preliminary only with Co-op and Inspire teams) January 19-24, 2021 Notre Dame, IN

Swan Synchro Skate -February 20, 2021 Beaver Dam, WI



THE WISCONSIN INSPIRE COOPERATIVE´╗┐´╗┐ brings together skaters and coaches in Southern Wisconsin who share a passion for synchronized skating. Members of the Wisconsin Inspire Cooperative learn more about the world of synchronized skating while sharing their knowledge of the sport. In addition, members have access to training clinics and camps to build  their skating skills. In the years to come, the Wisconsin Inspire Cooperative will be more than just a network of skaters and coaches who have a love for synchronized skating. With no single club affiliation, this program will provide an opportunity to skate on an IJS level synchronized skating team while still representing a skater's home club. 


Synchronized skating is a "Team" sport that teaches cooperation, responsibility, and the love of skating. Life skills that will last a lifetime!

Teams are made up of 8-20 skaters which skate a routine to music comprised of different shapes and skating maneuvers. Levels begin as early as snowplow sam and continue as high as the intermational level.  (Soon to be an Olympic sport)  

Our teams have medaled at the sectional level and competed all over the country at the National Synchronized Skating Championships. 

Why not synchro...



2013 Sectionals Novice Bronze medalists & National Competitors
2014 National Competitors

2015 Sectionals Intermediate Pewter medalists & National Competitors
2015  Sectionals Novice Pewter medalists & National Competitors
2016 Midwestern Sectional Intermediate Competitors 6th place
2017 Midwestern Sectional Intermediate Competitors 6th place
2018 Midwestern Sectional Novice Competitors 7th place
2019 Midwestern Sectional Intermediate Competitors 7th place