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Registration for Tryouts 


Interested in trying out for a 2019-20 Swans or Inspire Synchronized skating team?  Registering for swan tryouts also includes WI Inspire workshop and tryouts!

Swan tryouts will be held April 13th 10:15-1:15 Snow plow Sam, Synchro Skills 1,2, Preliminary, Pre-Juvenile and Juvenile teams

 April 14th 4:45-5:30 Elements Workshop

April 14th 5:30-8:30 pm Call backs, Cross Skaters, Intermediate, Novice and Junior teams

Beaver Dam Family Center 609 Gould Street Beaver Dam WI 53916
Questions regarding synch should be directed to Lisa Henning or Christi Wenger

Lisa Henning at 920-344-8684 Christi Wenger 312-399-5337 

Swan options

Option 1:  NEW TO SYNCHROFREE    For skaters who have NEVER SKATED on a synchronized skating team: Fee Includes tryout fee,and Synchro Workshops 

Option 2:  For skaters who have NO Moves tests or Swans who skated on Synchro Babes team in the 2018-19 season: Fee $130 Includes tryout fees, Synchro Workshop Low, unlimited contracted ice and Learn to Skate Class.

Option 3: For skaters who have NOT passed their juvenile moves in the field OR SWANS who skated on Synchro skills, Preliminary, or Pre Juvenile team in the 2018-19 Season: Fee $145 Includes tryout fee, Synchro Workshop Medium, unlimited contracted ice and 1 specialty class.

Option 4: For skaters who have passed their juvenile moves in the field OR SWANS who rostered on Intermediate team in the 2018-19 season. Fee $160 Includes tryout fee, unlimited contract ice, Synchro Workshop High, and 1 specialty class.

Option 5: New to Swans but previously skated on a team, includes tryout fee and workshops,  class level appropriate $45.00 (also includes inspire workshop and tryouts)

Out of club skaters are also welcome to buy a package above (options 2, 3, or 4) at IN CLUB posted prices!

*Skaters whose test level and age appropriate for higher levels may be asked to attend additional workshops 


(Must be passed intermediate moves or above to participate)

Wisconsin Inspire Tryouts
Thursday, April 18 6:30-8pm at the Mullet Ice Arena
(Must be passed intermediate moves or above to participate)

Inspire members: Register through your home program.
Non-members welcome!
Register here for workshop and tryouts 


If you are uncertain which option to click please contact Lisa Henning at 920-344-8684 OR Christi Wenger 312-399-5337.


Workshops are included with your try out fee and are held before and after tryouts. Workshops before tryouts will focus on elements and step sequences that will be scored during the team selection process. The workshops after tryouts will help skaters begin to work together as a new team and allow coaches to further evaluate skaters and to strategize for the upcoming season.


Low   (Babes) 4:45-5:30 pm, April 8,15, 22, 29 and May 6
Snow plow Sam levels

Medium   6:00-7:00 pm, April 8,15, 22, 29 and May 6
Synchro skills - Preliminary
Pre-juvenile - Juvenile teams  (passed Pre-juvenile moves)

High  April 14 4:45-5:30 (Before tryouts)   6:00-7:45 pm on April 28 and May 5
Intermediate (passed Juvenile moves)  and above    

Selection elements are available upon request for those unable to make the workshops.  Please email to receive the packet.


Intermediate, Novice, Junior   6-8 Hours per week, (on ice, off ice)  Sunday and Monday evenings

Pre juvenile, Juvenile  4-6 hours (on ice, off ice)  Schedule set after parent meeting. Based on travel for out of town skaters, religious ed and cross skaters. but limited to Sunday, Monday, Sat am's (only thru October) or Weds evenings,  two days per week.

Synchro Skills and Preliminary   2-4 hours (on ice, off ice)  Mondays 4;45-5:45 pm and/or Weds 4:45-5:45 pm

Snow plow Sam  45 mins- 1 hour per week,  Mondays 5-5:45 pm




2018-19 Dues 
This is meant to give you a financial range from our lowest to highest team dues.
We own our building and can offer significantly lower fees. All off-ice is either on site in our ballet room or at Powerhouse Athletics in Beaver Dam 

Beginner teams: $500 to $700
Preliminary TBD

Prejuvenile/Juvenile: $1300-$1500
Intermediate/Novice $1650-$1850
Junior  TBD


What's included:  Coachs' salaries and competition expenses, ice time, off-ice choreo or conditioning classes, competition fees, practice ice at competitions, 1 pair of tights, skate tape and laces, makeup and hair supplies, competition dress purchase and fee to participate in the yearly ice show and any other exhibitions throughout the season.

What's not included: Hotels, local competition transportation, everyday practice clothing, team jacket, practice dress (if required) and fee for "art on the edge" class held in the time slot preceding a weekly practice.

** Associate membership fee**


THE WISCONSIN INSPIRE COOPERATIVE´╗┐´╗┐ brings together skaters and coaches in Southern Wisconsin who share a passion for synchronized skating. Members of the Wisconsin Inspire Cooperative learn more about the world of synchronized skating while sharing their knowledge of the sport. In addition, members have access to training clinics and camps to build  their skating skills. In the years to come, the Wisconsin Inspire Cooperative will be more than just a network of skaters and coaches who have a love for synchronized skating. With no single club affiliation, this program will provide an opportunity to skate on an IJS level synchronized skating team while still representing a skater's home club. 


2019-2020 Competitions 

(final schedule TBD)


Kalamazoo Kick-off Classic
November 22-24, 2019
December 13-14, 2019
January 2020
Wichita, Kansas Jan.15 - Jan. 19, 2020
February 15th, 2020
US Figure Skating Championships
(contingent on Mids placement)




Synchronized skating is a "Team" sport that teaches cooperation, responsibility, and the love of skating. Life skills that will last a lifetime!

Teams are made up of 8-20 skaters which skate a routine to music comprised of different shapes and skating maneuvers. Levels begin as early as snowplow sam and continue as high as the intermational level.  (Soon to be an Olympic sport)  

Our teams have medaled at the sectional level and competed all over the country at the National Synchronized Skating Championships. 

Why not synchro...



2013 Sectionals Novice Bronze medalists & National Competitors
2014 National Competitors

2015 Sectionals Intermediate Pewter medalists & National Competitors
2015  Sectionals Novice Pewter medalists & National Competitors
2016 Midwestern Sectional Intermediate Competitors 6th place
2017 Midwestern Sectional Intermediate Competitors 6th place
2018 Midwestern Sectional Novice Competitors 7th place
2019 Midwestern Sectional Intermediate Competitors 7th place