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Swan Ice Frequently Asked Questions

What is Swan Ice?  
After schedules are made between Hockey and Figure Skating the extra ice time is split between Figure Skating and Hockey - the extra ice time that Figure Skating gets is called SWAN ICE.

Who can use Swan Ice?  
Anyone who is registered for classes with SCIS or OUT OF CLUB skaters, if they are USFS members and fill out/sign 3 required SCIS forms including a medical release and liability waivers. Please click on the links to view the necessary forms: download form 1download form 2, & download form 3.  
Important: There is a $10/hour walk on fee for out of club skaters.
Do I need to pay to use Swan Ice?  
No, if you register and skate with SCIS you may use Swan Ice.
Yes, if you are an out of club skater the fee is $10 / hour - you can drop the money with a note indicating that it is for Walk on Swan Ice, into the grey drop box located next to the dry erase board in the warming room.

How does Swan Ice work?  
When Swan Ice is available it will be published on the website (under schedules) & emailed to the club. As announced your skater may skate during those times.  

What are the Rules or Guidelines for skating Swan Ice?  
Swan Ice is not always supervised ice but we strive to provide our skaters with as much ice time as possible. We realize practice is important for our skaters to succeed in their skating goals. 

If there is Swan Ice - you are responsible for supervising your skater.  We try to provide supervision but as an all volunteer organization it is not reasonable to expect full supervision of all Swan Ice.

What if there is Swan Ice - and the rink is open but no one is there? 
Your skater may skate, as long as there is a parent or a responsible adult there to supervise. 
Do not just drop your skater off at the rink - always make sure that there is an adult present who agrees to supervise your skater
Do not assume an adult will supervise your skater unless you have a discussion with that adult and ask them to supervise your skater. Please always give that responsible party an emergency contact number so that they can reach you in an emergency.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, as always:)
Ann Olson 920-344-0557
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