Swan City Ice Skaters - Fundraising Forms - Beaver Dam, WI
Current Fundraisers
Wreaths-  Forms are available at the rink, or bydownload.  
Order forms are due Sunday November 2, 2014 with full payment in supplied box by concession stand in warming room and Pick up will be held Sunday November 16, 2014 from 4pm-7pm

Popcorn - Information to be released in August of 2014. Any questions please contact Jim Szopinski.

Information and order forms will be made available soon. 
Sync: Lake Days Volunteer Fundraiser
Thank you to all those that participated, and Bonnie for coordinating.  
Swan City Ice Skaters Flockings  (NEW)
Looking for a fun way to celebrate a holiday, birthday, anniversary, celebration or just something fun in general...Flock your friends and family!  Flocking is a new fundraiser SCIS will be offering. A group of SCIS volunteers will place the purchased amount of flamingos and signage on the designated location and then remove them the next day.  Spread the word!
Prices are:
$15 for 25 Flamingos
$25 for 50 Flamingos
$5 for the giant inflatable Swan
Signage is included in the package. 
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